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About Bob Kinford


As a young boy in the 1960's, Bob Kinford started questioning why cattle would scatter across pastures to graze, while goats and sheep would congregate and graze as a group. The set answer of "That's just what cattle do" defied his sense of logic. At the same time, he helped one rancher who was a little different than the rest. This man had the opinion that "If you take care of your stock, the stock will take care of the land, and both will take care of you."

Over the decades he continued to ponder this, and experimented with his handling techniques, as well as study how different grazing methods effected both the forage and condition of the cattle he cared for. He also studied cattle behavior, grazing patterns down to where on the plant cattle bite at different times of the year,

His decades of study finally reached the point where he discovered that, with the proper water, and removing all handling stress, it was possible to completely change what we assume is "normal" cattle behavior. Rather than scattering across a pasture to graze, and continually returning to the same place to graze, cattle will actually graze together as a herd and (depending on size and terrain) will migrate around a pasture without returning to re-graze areas. This allows cattle operations to practice regenerative/holistic grazing plans with far less infrastructure cost and labor. 

Bob is currently based out of Van Horn, Texas, but gives five day IMG schools where ever he is called. In 2017 he released a drone based video of his techniques which was available on Amazon. It is now currently broken into four segments and available on the stockmanship page.

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Besides holding IMG schools and speaking at grazing events, he has also written several books on cowboy life, horsemanship and even a cookbook. You may find all of his books on Amazon