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Want to start regenerating the grass on your ranch but don't know where to start?

Call me for a visit to see what you are up against. More often than not water systems can be reconfigured rather than building a whole new system. In many cases it is even possible to add lease cattle into your grazing plan to both increase your biological impact and provide additional funding to pay for mechanical work such as sub soiling and spreader dams or improved water systems. 


Have a recreational ranch you would like to improve habitat, but don't want the hassle of being in the cattle business?

Talk to me about a personalized regenerative lease for your ranch were we work on water infrastructure while combining both mechanical and intensive grazing along with bale grazing where necessary to maximize  precipitation utilization and biological impact. 


Schools & Clinics

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As you will be using new handling methods and teaching your horses new ways to approach and turn cattle, it is advisable that  you ride in a bosal or snaffle. Both classes are great for young, green horses

Contact me here to host a school or clinic.

IMG schools  Cost for a five day IMG school is $2,500 plus $1.00 per mile one way from Van Horn, Texas. Mileage fee and 50% deposit to hold date. Rather than spending time in a classroom and watching videos, class is held in the pasture, rebooting the herd instinct of the cattle on the host ranch. Class size is limited to ten students so that everyone is able to actually learn the various approaches and methods enabling herd instinct to reboot. As everything is done at "the speed of cow" we are also able to discuss infrastructure,  grazing and other methods to regenerate grass while observing the various behavioral changes on the way to herd instinct being rebooted. By the end of the school, the host herd will be close, or even completely rebooted, allowing you to begin regenerating grass with little effort. 

*Two day stockmanship/horsemanship clinics  These clinics cover the same handling techniques as the IMG Schools, but with more emphasis on horsemanship without discussion on grazing. These methods are especially good in settling and catching wilder cattle as well as keeping cattle calm when sorting or pulling from feedlot pens. If requested, there may be a short session on Big Loop style roping, concentrating on taking shots as they appear rather than spending extra time setting up shots. Done with breakaways. 

*Two day clinics are $300 per student with a maximum of 10 students per class. Minimum number of students depends on distance from Van Horn, Texas an listed in the table below.  50%deposit required.

Miles from Van Horn, Texas

Minimum Number of Students







800 and above




Stockmanship for Feedlots
The stockmanship methods which allow a single person to easily move 1,000 cows, and allows those cows to reboot herd instinct work just as well in the feedlot as they do in the pasture.  The methods used are beyond simple "pressure and release," utilizing lateral movements of our mounts to create indirect pressures which cattle naturally respond to.  Rather than relying on time consuming demonstrations or videos, which take pen riders away from their job, my program consists of riding with pen riders as they are going through their daily routine. By working with the crew as they are going through their daily routine, they can grasp the concepts easier than watching a video or demonstration as they will be worked with on an individual level while riding pens, sorting go homes and/or pen mixes.
As with learning any new technique, students will wind up with many a day or two after attempting to apply them. With that in mind, I recommend spending a day with each section, then spending a follow up day in each section to coach and answer any questions they come up with after the first day.  Cost is $500 per day plus $0.85 one way from Van Horn, Texas, or point of last school or clinic.

Recreational Ranches The key to a successful hunting ranch is habitat and forage. As recently as 120 years ago, most of the southwestern United States was described as a "Sea of Grass." Today there are people who are still alive, who can point out areas of creosote and mesquite covered land which had such lush grass when they were children, that it was hayed.  Unfortunately the common belief that the cure is to let nature takes its course and the land will heal itself has been proven wrong many times. However it is possible to heal the land and restore the forage without using ecologically unsafe chemical with a combination of contour plowing and holistic grazing. An example of how this has been done successfully in far west Texas is the Circle Ranch, in Hudspeth county. Email us today to talk about how we can help you regenerate your forage and habitat faster and more economically.

Partial list of ranches and organizations

Agreserves (Deseret Ranches)

IMC Vida Silvestre (Mex)

Sonoma Station (au)

NQ Dry Tropics (au)

Santa Maria Cattle Company (Mex)

Flint HIlls Flying W Ranch (USA)

Southwestern Intertribal Ag Conference (USA)

New Mexico Indian Days Ag Conference (USA)

Roger Savory (USA)

Intertribal Ag Council USA)

Jervoise Organic Meats (au)

Tres Papalotes (Mex)

Rancho Terramante (Mex)