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Rebooting Herd Instinct

With advances in technology, dvd's have become nearly obsolete, and Amazon no longer manufactures or sells dvd's, so they no longer carry Stockmanship 101. To make sure access to the knowledge is not lost, I've divided it up into four equal parts and put them here below.

Part I


Part 2


Part 3

Part 4



Even if you are running cattle in a more conventional manner, the stockmanship used in rebooting herd instinct makes positive changes in the behavior and stress levels in your cattle. Five days before this first video was taken, these cows would take off a lope when they saw people horseback.  This video was taken at the end of a six mile drive. 383 cows, The silence was broken only by a bull.  All of the cows were paired and happy, even the ones as young as two weeks.

Kansas Client making an unassisted move with 1,300 cows




Rancho Terranates Dormant Season Grazing

Starting Cattle Naturally 

Fade Turn....turning by removing pressure


Having cattle go around you in the direction you want with a hip turn, rather than pushing them. This was taken at my first school in Australia.


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