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Much love Bob. Your mind is brilliant.

It was great to work with Bob when he visited us in Australia. Rebooting the herd instinct was surprisingly simple and effortless on our part. It involved careful observation of the cattle and basic manoeuvring of my horse. It was thoroughly enjoyable to see how quickly the cattle responded and the process worked equally as well on young and older stock. I look forward to putting the migratory grazing concepts into practice within our herd and look forward to working with Bob the next time he visits Australia to review and refine what we have learnt to date.

Hi Bob

Glad to know you, I remember parts of our conversations when you were here and think of them when I'm working out some grazing ideas. Not a lot has changed but so much has. Keep on keeping on

I have been involved with planed grazing management for over twenty years here in Australia, thanks to many people such as yourself Bob Kinford, we gain a better understanding livestock behaviour, this knowledge when applied in life and planed grazing management system will give you a return way beyond it outlay in monetary value.

Keep up the good work, and put an advert and link to this website on the Sanga website.

Glad you are doing well.. we a really horsing around still.


Leave a comment to let me know how you are doing with IMG, and thank you for your comments!